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Welcome Modern

Hey Everyone!  Yes, a new website!  And its gonna be better than the last one!  Check it out!:

5/24/2004 - MORE PICTURES!!!  MORE MORE MORE!!!  mostly of either myself, Adam, or myself with Adam.  hehehehe  BE JEALOUS!
5/16/2004 - Made some changes, added 2 pages...  The MY LIST OF DISLIKES page, and TO ADAM page.  enjoy!

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Hi!  I'm Jill.  I'm a sophomore at Emmanuel College, in Boston MASS, and originally from central NH.  Enjoy my new, *and improved* site!

This is a strictly personal site.  All the views and ideas belong to me, unless otherwise noted.  Don't copy me please.  If there's anything this world needs, its not 10,000 "Wannabe Jills" running around!

A Rocky Horror Picture Show VIRGIN!!!!


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Email me at:  Bish_24_2003@yahoo.com